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Varied Benefits Of Employee Fire Safety Training

Teaching your employees the very basics of fire safety is one way to prepare them in the instance of a dangerous blaze, but what about making them fully aware of the actions they can take, equipment they can use, and the possible warning signs or risks of a fire? Comprehensive coverage of these areas will make all the difference, and certainly prove beneficial should the worst case scenario occur. Let the industry experts at EK Fire Protection take you through everything from the best ways to identify and utilise equipment, to assessing surroundings and competently identifying fire safety risks.

Prevention Beforehand

It doesn’t matter exactly where you work or the perceived threats that are present – preventing a fire before it gets a chance to intensify or spread is a matter of urgency. The first step in ensuring a safe workplace is to identify hazards. There are a number of ways to find hazards in your workplace, from asking workers and contractors in your workplace about any hazards they may have noticed, to even looking at the physical structure of your workplace. In some cases, it may be more obvious, like fires from an open stove or fireplace, whereas in other instances, it may be less outright obvious, and could represent something like a cluster of flammable debris.

Equipment And System Knowhow

At EK Fire Protection, we provide fire safety solutions and equipment-specific training that is appropriately tailored to the needs of your business – whether big or small. Our bespoke packages ensure you maximise your budget to receive the right amount of training, support and provision of equipment for your facility, so whether you want to teach a large group about the different types of extinguisher, or you have a smaller workforce and would like to take part in some practical tasks, we can provide the resources and professional knowledge.

Assessment Of The Premises

Assessing the premises should be one of the first steps you take in reality, even before deciding to pay for employee fire safety training, and If you don’t have the expertise or time to carry out a fire risk assessment yourself, why not enlist our specialists for help. These assessments help you understand where the threats and risks are – and what you can do to avoid falling victim to fires. Whether your organisation is just getting off the ground or you’re already established, our services will ensure that you and your employees are prepared for anything that may arise.

Drills And Practical Checks

To ensure everyone’s safety during a fire, a fire drill is conducted to simulate a real emergency. At EK Fire Protection, we believe that the right fire safety drills can reduce the likelihood of fires starting by making employees reassess their behaviours and keep in mind the importance of responsible daily operations. Recreations and simulated emergencies can also give employees the confidence to deal with real emergencies should they crop up.

Looking to safeguard your workforce by equipping staff with the knowledge and knowhow they need? The Health and Safety at Work Act and the Fire Precautions Act both place an obligation on employers to provide basic fire training for all employees. At EK Fire Protection, we provide training courses designed to satisfy this requirement, so contact today for further information, or to pick up everything from fire exit signs to smoke alarms.

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