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How Do You Actually Use A Fire Extinguisher?

Fire extinguishers are a regular sight within many types of building, and with many extinguisher variants available to use for those with the knowledge and competence to operate them, you should have a good understanding of how these appliances work – as unlikely as it is you will ever have to use them. Legally required within many spaces, and commonplace everywhere from small private business premises to multi-storey blocks and busy retail environments, with any luck you’ll never have to operate an extinguisher, but let the EK Fire Protection team prepare you for any eventuality in this blog post.

Acquisition And Placement

If you are responsible for business grounds, act as an employer, are self-employed with business premises, or even operate a charity organisation, acquiring extinguishers is a must. These versatile devices are required for putting out all manner of fires, from chemical fires to quickly spreading blazes which seem tough to control. Acquiring should be easy enough, and we’re happy to supply all manner of extinguishers to different organisations – but figuring out where to place these utilities could prove more of a problem. Make sure they are spread out between rooms, with enough to cover the entire scale of your premises.

Different Types

At EK Fire Protection, we cater for different contexts and instances, and encourage basic understanding of extinguishers for those we work with. When it comes to the types of extinguisher, there are five main types – including wet chemical, CO2, dry powder, foam and water. Differing in purpose and application, water fire extinguishers are the most popular type – and they are suited to class A fire risks in particular. Distributing water at high pressure to extinguish flames, keep in mind that the type of extinguisher required will vary depending on your place of work and the risks at play.

Training For Use

Training for the intended use (should you ever have to operate an extinguisher) is of paramount importance, as without the correct training, there’s almost no point in even having industry-standard, top-quality fire safety appliances. Through extensive training from EK Fire Protection, participants will be given practical experience of using extinguishers on a live fire – and will be able to tackle small fires with confidence, help unnecessary fires from occurring and even distinguish between the different types of extinguisher.

Updating Or Maintenance

At EK Fire Protection Ltd, we provide fire extinguishers for sale at affordable prices, and always comply with all relevant British Standards. Our engineers regularly enrol on training courses to ensure their knowledge is completely up to date too. Worried that your extinguishers may be outdated, or concerned that maintenance might be required in order to return these utilities to their original condition? We’re more than happy to help.

Found yourself searching ‘fire extinguisher rental’ or ‘ fire extinguisher for sale’? At EK Fire Protection Ltd, we provide the highest-quality premium fire extinguishers for sale in Kent and the surrounding areas. This guarantees that your business is safeguarded with gold-standard appliances. We also comply with all of the relevant British legislation, and our engineers’ knowledge is completely up to date. Contact the team today!

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