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Four Ways to Keep Your Care Home Safe

If you run a professional care home facility, then one of your top priorities should be keeping it secure. Having top-quality security isn’t about stopping residents from leaving, but ensuring that the environment is safe and staff can properly monitor the comings and goings of the building.

Read on to learn about four of the best ways you can secure your care home.

Nurse Call Systems

When a resident is in need of help or an emergency situation arises, it’s crucial that staff members know where to go. Nurse call systems are usually placed at the side of each resident’s bed or in the bathroom, with a button that they can press when they need help. This then alerts staff members who can visit the patient or communicate through the speaker. A system like this is great for providing an increased sense of safety, creating extra support for those who cannot walk or do certain tasks without help.

Access control

To ensure that residents and staff feel safe at all times, installing an access control system such as a pin pad or automatic gate will stop unauthorised people from accessing the facility. Furthermore, residents living with conditions such as dementia or other physiological condition can become easily confused and may end up walking straight out of the building if restrictions are not in place. However, adding an extra barrier reduces the chances of a situation like this arising, putting families and staff at ease.


Even with highly-trained staff members, accidents can happen. It’s impossible to have eyes on every resident at one time, but with CCTV you can improve how things are monitored. If a resident has an accident, you might not be alerted straight away, however, CCTV provides you with an overall view of the care home so you can see exactly what’s going on.

Fire alarms

If a fire erupts you need to get everyone out of the building as quickly and safely as you can and having a fire alarm system will help. Without an alarm, you might not notice a fire until it’s too late, which could put everyone at risk.

Here at EK Fire Protection, based across Kent and London, we specialise in fire systems ad other security installations such as nurse call systems, emergency lighting and much more. Get in touch with the experts today and ensure your premises is as safe as it can be.

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