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Who needs a fire alarm?

In its widest possible context, a commercial building is any registered property used to conduct business and create a profit for the owners or managers of the building. An alternative way to frame the definition is to state that a commercial building is any non-residential premises. More precisely commercial buildings include, but are not limited to:

  • Any retail, or entertainment establishment, including public houses.
  • Any eatery, dining or restaurant premises.
  • Any factory or industrial facilities including warehouses and storage sites, distribution centres or¬†site of manufacturing.
  • Any garage or filling station, body shop or vehicle repair site.

Irrespective of the size or type of business, there are strict fire alarm requirements for commercial buildings. The number of fire systems available for commercial premises is only limited by the range of premises in which business occurs. Each system is designed to fulfil the commercial fire alarm regulations that underpin the architectural design and material composition of the building.


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