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Top Fire Safety Tips for Corporate Events

Corporate events often involve large gatherings of people in relatively confined spaces, making fire safety a paramount concern. It falls upon event organisers to responsibly implement protective measures, ensuring the safety of attendees, speakers, vendors, and staff throughout the event. To help you safeguard attendees and property at future events, here are some of our … Continued

How Are Fire Extinguishers Made?

The role of a reliable fire extinguisher cannot be overstated. In the event of a fire, having a functional fire extinguisher could legitimately be the difference between life and death. Have you ever wondered how this crucial piece of equipment is made? Let’s take a look at the fascinating process. Components Selection The journey of … Continued

A Guide to Fire Safety for Restaurant Owners

Fire safety is paramount for any business, but for restaurant owners, it’s a particularly pressing concern. With the bustling environment, potential hazards and high occupancy, ensuring the safety of both customers and staff is essential. At EK Fire Protection, we understand the unique challenges restaurant owners face in maintaining fire safety standards. Here’s a quick … Continued

5 Common Fire Safety Myths Debunked

Fire safety is a crucial aspect of any commercial establishment’s risk management strategy. However, there are several misconceptions surrounding fire safety that can lead to inadequate protection. In this blog post, we debunk five common fire safety myths to ensure that you have the best insights into how you can safeguard your property and employees. … Continued

How We’ve Fought Fires Since Time Began

Fire safety practices and firefighting techniques have actually been in use for thousands of years, with technology and equipment changing as we have grown more advanced as a society. EK Fire Protection has put together this informative guide to how we have dealt with fires throughout the centuries, and what solutions we can offer you … Continued

What Are Your Fire Safety Responsibilities To Your Employees?

Whether you own a small shop, office or large corporation, as an employer it comes down to you to ensure that fire safety is maintained and that everyone in your employ knows exactly how to react in the event of an emergency. Read on for EK Fire Protection’s guide to your fire safety responsibilities as … Continued

What Is PAT Testing And Why Is It Important?

If you run a modern business, you will probably have plenty of electrical appliances running. This could be anything from computers and printers to simple things like kettles and water machines. While equipment might seem reliable, you must be consistently checking that electrical appliances pass a series of visual and electronic tests. This is where … Continued

Is Fire Extinguisher Rental Necessary?

Fire extinguishers are an invaluable piece of fire safety kit, and their suitability within many environments means that they’re often one of the first items acquired as far as a risk assessment is concerned. With different types of extinguisher required for different dilemmas, you may not always require an extinguisher on a permanent basis, but … Continued

How Do Patient Call Bell Systems Work?

Within a healthcare or general one-to-one care environment, it is increasingly important for individuals to have a means of notifying and contacting the individuals entrusted with their welfare while they aren’t in the same space. With this means of notifying care providers at the press of the button, flip of a switch or pull of … Continued

Fire Safety Signs And Their Meanings

Fire safety is of paramount importance in any environment, with the potential effects of a blaze unpredictable to say the least. Whether in a public or a private context, there are plenty of measures you can introduce in an effort to ensure the safety of individuals. Legally required in many instances, and extremely beneficial as … Continued


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