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Is Fire Extinguisher Rental Necessary?

Fire extinguishers are an invaluable piece of fire safety kit, and their suitability within many environments means that they’re often one of the first items acquired as far as a risk assessment is concerned. With different types of extinguisher required for different dilemmas, you may not always require an extinguisher on a permanent basis, but … Continued

How Do Patient Call Bell Systems Work?

Within a healthcare or general one-to-one care environment, it is increasingly important for individuals to have a means of notifying and contacting the individuals entrusted with their welfare while they aren’t in the same space. With this means of notifying care providers at the press of the button, flip of a switch or pull of … Continued

Fire Safety Signs And Their Meanings

Fire safety is of paramount importance in any environment, with the potential effects of a blaze unpredictable to say the least. Whether in a public or a private context, there are plenty of measures you can introduce in an effort to ensure the safety of individuals. Legally required in many instances, and extremely beneficial as … Continued

Conducting A Fire Safety Risk Assessment For Your Restaurant

Restaurant kitchens are hectic places, and with many flammable objects present, open flames required for cooking, and individuals rushing around to serve up that particular popular dish, danger is always one slip away. For this reason, fire risk assessments are an important measure for stakeholders, offering a balanced perspective on the potential fire risks, safety … Continued

Everything You Need To Know About Nurse Call Systems

Nurse call systems are an essential part of our healthcare systems. They are extremely important for patients, so that they can receive the necessary medical care. Here at EK Fire Protection, we offer a range of quality care call systems for healthcare organisations. To learn more about what nurse call systems are and how they … Continued

Fire Safety At Home: Our Favourite Fire-Proofing Tips

Whether you’re a home of 1 or a full family, keeping your house fire safe is vital. A fire can be a destructive and unexpected occurrence that we all want to avoid. Luckily, our blog is here to give you some of our favourite fire-proofing tips for your home. To find out more, keep on … Continued

What Is A Fire Risk Assessment & Does My Business Need One?

A fire risk assessment is an essential part of running any business, or owning a commercial property. Our blog dives into what a fire risk assessment entails, and why they are necessary for commercial buildings. To find out more about fire safety, keep on reading! Fire Risk Assessments: An Overview If you are responsible for … Continued

Why Is Fire Safety Signage Important For My Building?

If you own or run a commercial building of any kind, fire signage is extremely important for various reasons. Whether it’s a warehouse, school, retail space or any other kind of commercial building, fire safety is extremely important. Having the appropriate signage around your building is crucial for safety in the unfortunate event of a … Continued

Don’t Panic! What To Do In The Event of A Fire at Work

Keeping yourself safe from fires at work doesn’t have to be challenging. If you are informed of all the right actions to take, you should be able to leave a dangerous situation unscathed. Read on to find out how to act in the event of a fire at your work, including how to inform others … Continued

What Should You Be Teaching Your Family About Fire Safety?

As your family grows, so do your worries. With a child’s healthy curiosity comes risk, so teaching your entire family how to be safe around fires is imperative. While this sounds easy enough, what specifically should we be teaching them about the dangers of flames? Read on for some suggestions and useful tips to help … Continued


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