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All You Need to Know About Emergency Lighting

When you need to evacuate a building due to a fire or another emergency, safety lighting is essential for guiding you to the nearest exit quickly. Despite being a simple installation, emergency lighting is a visible guide that can be the difference between getting to a safe place or not.

If you don’t have emergency lighting already, here’s all you need to know about how it works.

What is emergency lighting?

As well as fire alarms and fire extinguishers, emergency lighting is another important part of fire safety precautions. In a fire, for example, if the main power supply is cut the sudden loss of light can cause panic and make it difficult to find a safe route out of the building. However, emergency lighting is designed to remain on even when the mains power supply is cut. Emergency lighting should be an essential fixture for almost every business, commercial or premises. Emergency lights have all manner of uses in a workplace, from illuminating safe exits routes in case of a fire to calling attention to important emergency equipment, they have an essential job.

What type of emergency lighting is available?

There are many different types of emergency lighting depending on the type of premises you have, so always make sure that you’re abiding by safety guidelines. The most common types of emergency lighting include:

  • Emergency escape lighting – during a fire or evacuation, finding a fire exit quickly is essential for everyone in the building. These green signs will remain lit and guide you to a safe exit where you can wait for help or find an escape route.
  • Open area lighting – ensuring that there is sufficient illumination, open area lighting can be installed for indoor and outdoor use with a powerful LED that provides great visibility during emergencies.

Does emergency lighting need to be tested?

It’s important to have your emergency lighting tested regularly so it remains in good working condition all year round. Hiring a professional service will keep your lighting in check including maintaining the battery supply, checking the system and keeping your lighting up to standard.

At EK Fire Protection, we can recommend the most suitable fire alarms, lighting systems and signage for your commercial or private facility. You never know when a fire may occur but with the right precautions in place, you can minimise damage and keep everyone safe. Our professional and experienced team are proud to provide businesses across the South East with professional safety services. Get in touch with us at 01304 210909 today.

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