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It’s Getting Hot in Here: Common Causes of House Fires

Between 2020 and 2021 there were 33,180 recorded house fires in the UK, 92% of which were accidental. You may think that such a travesty would never happen to you, but you don’t want to risk becoming part of these statistics. Read on below to learn about three of the common causes of house fires, … Continued

Fire Safety: Establishing an Evacuation Process in Schools

Having an adequate fire risk assessment is essential by law in all commercial establishments, with some arguing that their importance is even more important in a school setting. Part of this risk assessment should include a comprehensive evacuation plan. With the number of children and staff present in various buildings within a school, having an … Continued

Claim to Flame: Three Famous Firefighters Throughout History

There’s no denying that it takes great bravery and sacrifice to be a firefighter. With the effects of fires being devastating (something we know well being a fire safety company), running head first into the action to save others is a job not for the fainthearted, but one that saves the lives of many. As … Continued


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