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Does My Business Need A Fire Safety Risk Assessment?

As an employer or business owner, you are responsible for the health and safety of employees and clients operating within your premises. Included within this responsibility is the duty to minimise hazards and ensure employee wellbeing in the event of an emergency. One of the greatest physical risks to businesses and commercial properties is fire. … Continued

3 Tips For Office Fire Safety

When it comes to businesses and places of work, the safety of employees should always be a top priority. Before profit, deadlines, productivity and client satisfaction, should be the health of the workforce. Of all the hazards and accidents that may occur within an office or commercial property, fires are among the most dangerous, destructive … Continued

A Quick Guide To Fire Extinguishers

When it comes to the safety of individuals in the event of a fire, there are few items as indispensable as fire extinguishers. These incredible devices are among the first line of defence when a fire breaks out and, if used properly and effectively, they can save lives. As a business or commercial property owner, … Continued

Where In The Office Should A Fire Alarm Be Installed?

Employee safety is of utmost importance, and with fires a very real risk within the workplace, having an efficient solution for notifying staff of a potential blaze is crucial. Able to inform multiple people at once, as well as being adaptable, efficient and modern, fire alarms need not be expensive, and can save lives in … Continued

The Signs Of A Faulty Fire Alarm

Fire alarms are a crucial home safety feature which should be present within every domestic property. Not only practical within the home, fire alarm systems can be utilised within the workplace, easily fitted within an office, warehouse or retail setting. Ensuring you have a functional fire alarm is crucial, with faulty alarms liable to delay … Continued

Practical Tips For Warehouse Fire Safety

Among the prominent dangers of working in a warehouse are heavy objects, reversing vehicles and sharp appliances, but fires are just as dangerous, and can occur unexpectedly with devastating repercussions. If you’re looking to improve the fire safety of a warehouse, and don’t know where to start, then we have you covered with a selection … Continued

Fire Alarm Myths Debunked

When protecting your family, business or possessions from the very real hazard of a fire, you’ll want to make sure that you not only have the correct procedures and appliances in place to stop one, but also a means of informing building occupants if one occurs unexpectedly. A fire can very quickly spread, becoming difficult … Continued


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