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Unexpected House Fire Causes, And How To Prevent Them

There are few incidents more terrifying within your property than a house fire, and with such unexpected occurrences often happening without any prior warning, it can feel almost impossible to prepare against them. Thankfully there are an array of practical ways in which you can safeguard your family, even accounting for the most shocking causes … Continued

What Are The Main Causes Of Electrical Fires?

Alongside the development of technology and the digitisation of offices and workspaces, comes the implementation of more electrical devices. From laptops, computers and printers to coffee machines, toasters and heaters, these appliances are essential for the day to day functioning of modern businesses and commercial sites. However, alongside all the good they do, there is … Continued

A Quick Guide To Fire Alarms

At the heart of any business or company, should be a focus on the safety of its employees and clients. It is the duty of every business owner or manager to ensure that the necessary precautions are taken to minimise the chance of hazards such as fires on the premises. Among the many steps that … Continued


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