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How Often Should You Hold Fire Drills

Fire drills are a necessary practise to ensure everyone in your building can get out in the event of an emergency. It takes time to learn the steps of a drill and it’s something that you’ll need to practice again and again until everyone knows exactly what to do. In an emergency, many people react … Continued

How to Spot Fire Hazards in Your Home

Chances are, you try to keep your home and family safe from any type of danger. That means you need to keep your home clear of fire hazards, as well. Most people know the basics, but there are likely a few things in your home that you don’t realize are fire hazards. As a general … Continued

Smoke Inhalation: The Real Danger of Fires

House or flat fires can be dangerous, but often not for the reason you might think. If the flames are put out quickly, it’s still possible for people to die, even without being burned. Only around 30% of fire-related deaths or injuries are actual burns. The vast majority of people succumb to smoke inhalation instead. … Continued

Tips for Escaping a Burning Building

No one ever wants to be in the position of needing to get out of a burning building, but it does happen. Do you know what to do if your escape route isn’t clear? Of course, if you can escape through the nearest exit, this is the wisest course of action, but that’s not always … Continued


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