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Fire Safety for Food Trucks: What You Should Know

Food trucks or mobile catering services have unique needs. They feature all the dangers of a commercial kitchen, but in a much smaller space and with the added complications of also being a functioning vehicle. You’ll need to ensure that the vehicle is protected with the appropriate fire equipment. Common Fire Hazards Aboard a Food … Continued

From Fire Alarms to Fire Risk Assessments: Fire Safety Tips for Offices

Your office is where employees spend a large amount of their time, roughly a third of their day throughout the week. That means that any fire risk is a big danger to those who work in your business. They need to be kept safe, just as much as your company assets should be protected. Unfortunately, … Continued

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Water, Dry, and Gas Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are the type of items that are often overlooked until they’re needed, even though they save lives and properties. However, there are a few types of fire extinguishers with different properties because fires can vary hugely. Therefore, it’s important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each type before deciding to buy or … Continued

How Fires Are More Versatile and Diverse Than You Thought

Generally, all fires have flames and produce smoke but the similarities largely end there. They can be caused in a variety of ways, different materials can catch alight, and there are a few different health hazards caused by fires. It’s extremely important to understand the diverse nature of fires so that you can handle the … Continued


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