Fire Risk Assessments

E K Fire Protection Ltd offer Fire Risk Assessments to all businesses.

The Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005 has transformed the way people need to look at Fire Safety.

E K Fire are able to offer accurate help and advice to ensure you meet current legislation, with ease!

On 1st April 2006, the Fire Precautions Act 1971, and the Fire Precautions (workplace) Regulations 1997, was replaced with the introduction of the regulatory reform (Fire Safety) Order.

Fire certificates will no longer be recognised, and will be replaced with the requirement for fire risk assessment.

Employers became solely responsible for fire safety within their workplaces.

The fire risk assessment element of the Fire Precautions (Workplace) Regulations will remain, and additional duties will be imposed, such as:

  • The duty to prevent fire spreading
  •  A duty to maintain building regulations standards, for the use and protection of the fire service
  •  A duty to appoint one or more employees to assist in ensuring compliance with the regulations (such as a fire warden)

There is now an expectation that your fire fighting equipment will be used to enable staff to tackle small fires before they spread.  Therefore, you will need to ensure there has been training on the correct use of fire fighting equipment to all your staff.

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Marine Division

We operate an extensive marine division covering all major ports and all types and size of vessel.

Fire at sea is a frightening prospect. The millions of gallons of water surrounding you are not always the easiest, quickest or best way to tackle it.

Be prepared – Be forearmed – Give us a call – It could make all the difference.


Fire Safety Signage

E K Fire are suppliers of all types of Fire Safety Signage.

We supply a range of Photoluminescent Signs, which requires no electrical connection and will illuminate when normal lighting fails – ensuring a ‘Safe Exit’.

We offer expert advice on:

  • Current Standards and Signage Legislation
  • Choosing the correct sign sizes
  • Escape route signs
  • Meaning of Arrows for Escape Routes
  • Guidance for an effective Fire Signing System


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