Does the engineers visit, disrupt my business?

We try our hardest not to cause any disruption to our customers business. This does however depend on the type of system and location of equipment. Our engineers are flexible and normally work around you.

What does the engineer do when he visits?

He will ensure each call point and sounder, plus a minimum of 50% of the detection devices are working and the fire system as a whole is in sound working condition, including the battery backup.

Who needs a fire alarm?

In its widest possible context, a commercial building is any registered property used to conduct business and create a profit for the owners or managers of the building. An alternative way to frame the definition is to state that a commercial building is any non-residential premises. More precisely commercial buildings include, but are not limited … Continued

What is British Standard 5839?

This is the British Standard that governs the installation and service of a fire alarm system in the UK and forms part of English law.

Why do I need a Fire Alarm Service?

The legislation says all premises subject to The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 should have means of raising the alarm of fire. If you require an electronic fire alarm system then it has to be fit for purpose which means in accordance with BS 5839. Part of that British Standard includes a section on … Continued

What are the benefits of conducting the course at your place of work?

It allows the instructor to maximise the bespoke package to your specific needs including: Fire exit points, Fire doors, Fire Fighting Equipment, Emergency routes/corridors assembly points etc. Having local knowledge of persons in remote areas or with physical or sensory disabilities. Concise knowledge of your emergency plan and fire safety policy (and where it’s kept). … Continued


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